Where are you located?

We are an e-commerce store that ships our products worldwide. Our headquarters is located in Toronto, Canada. We do not have a physical store.

Where do you ship from?

Our products are manufactured and shipped from our warehouses in the USA, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Spain, Australia, Hong Kong and China. We perform weekly audits of our inventory to ensure our product quality is of the highest standard. 

Do you ship to my country?

We ship our packages worldwide. Shipping times varies based on where you are located.

How much does shipping cost? How can I qualify for free shipping?

Shipping costs is based on your country and varies based on product size, weight and shipping method. Your shipping cost is calculated at the end of checkout. Shipping times are dependent on where you are located.

I forgot to apply a discount code, what can I do?

Please contact us at contactus@clockcanvas.com, we can issue a refund to you for the discount amount.

How long does order processing take?

Processing your order takes about 1-5 business days. 

How long does shipping take?

Artwork: 5-10 business days

Clocks & Decor: 5-15 business days

Shipping times are approximate and is dependent on your location and your postal office. Once the packages reaches your country, your local postal office is responsible for delivering your package. If you have any issues with your shipment after your package reaches your country, please contact your local postal office for inquiries.

How do I track my order?

You can track your order using this online application ParcelApp. Your tracking will start showing information once it gets scanned by our shipping company. Please wait 2-4 days for it to show information. 

Why isn't my tracking updating?

If your tracking is not showing information, please wait 2-4 days before trying to track your package again. If your package is showing information but it is not updating, your package is making its way to your country and will be updated once it is picked up by your local postal office. If you have any issues with your tracking, please contact us at contactus@clockcanvas.com.

Can I change or cancel my order?

If you would like to modify or cancel your order, please email us at contactus@clockcanvas.com immediately after you have purchased your product. We will email you within 24 hours to confirm your changes and any further instructions. Once we have shipped your order, you cannot cancel or modify your order. Rolled Prints, Canvases, Framed Prints, and Framed Canvases orders must be cancelled within 24 hours. Orders with Express Shipping cannot be cancelled.

Can I change my address?

If you would like to change your shipping address, please email us at contactus@clockcanvas.com immediately after you have purchased your product. We will email you within 24 hours to confirm the change in your address. We cannot change your address once it is in transit. Please contact your local postal office to have your mail forwarded to you.

Who pays for custom duties/taxes?

Custom taxes and duties are regulated by your government and postal office. As per our Shipment Policy, the customer is responsible for paying custom duties/taxes.

I only received one of many products, where are my other products?

We sometimes ship your order in separate packages to optimize delivery times and to meet weight restrictions. Please refer to your tracking codes to see when your other items are going to be delivered to you.

My product arrived damaged, what do I do?

We are sorry that your product arrived damaged, accidents do rarely occur during shipment. Do not worry, please send us an email at contactus@clockcanvas.com. We will work with you to get this resolved immediately. Please send us pictures or videos of the damages with the email.

How does your canvas art arrive? What does "unstretched" and "unframed" mean?

Our "unframed" canvas art arrives rolled up like a poster. Unstretched means your canvas is not stretched on a wooden board. Unframed means your canvas does not come in a picture frame. We do offer many hanging options including Framing Services. 

My tracking says my package is delivered but I didn't receive it. 

Our shipping labeling system is automated and will send your package to the exact address you've given us. Please wait 1-2 days to see if your package shows up. Check your mailbox, front office, family members, neighbours and front porch for your package. If your package is still not delivered please contact your local postal office as they might have made a mistake with your package.

I didn't collect my package from the post office and it's being returned to you. 

If your package is being returned to us because you did not collect it from your postal office on time, please contact us at contactus@clockcanvas.com. We can reissue your order for a shipping fee. Alternatively, we can issue you a refund less the shipping fee we incurred.

How do I return my package?

If you would like to return your package, please contact our customer service team at contactus@clockcanvas.com. Our team will provide you further instructions for returning your package to our team in Minnesota, US or Wiltshire, UK.

We will send you a refund within 3-5 business days of receiving and inspecting it. As per our Refund Policy we do not pay for return shipping.

If you have any further questions or inquires, please contact us at contactus@clockcanvas.com.