How To Stretch Prints Using A Wooden Frame

Step 1. With the canvas faced down, place the wooden frames on top (as shown in the image below), and use a pen to trace the position of the wood on the painting. You’re doing this so you know where to stick the wood onto the canvas later. Make sure the inner edge of the wooden frames are aligned. 

Step 2. For each wooden frame, rip off the adhesive tape and stick the wooden frame on the canvas one-by-one. Align the wooden frames in the correct position based on the outline you traced in step 1.

Step 3. Starting from the wooden frame closest to you and the frame to your left, fold the wooden frames up and pinch the print inwards (towards the center of the frame) as shown in the images below.

Step 4. Then insert a “U” nail between the wooden frames that meet in the corner. You can use a hammer to insert the “U” nails. Repeats steps 3 and 4 for the remaining 3 corners.

Step 5. Insert the cardboards in each corner of the frame and you’re done!