How to Assemble the Pentium Wall Clock

This step-by-step guide will show you how to assemble and install our magnificent Pentium wall clock!

Part 1: Assemble the Center Dial and Hands

For this step, you will need the following items in your package:

  • Center Dial (cylinder shape)
  • The hour hand (short hand)
  • The minute hand (long hand)

Remove the back of the  as shown in the picture below. This should reveal the Quartz Mechanism.

Locate the top of the Quartz Mechanism (opposite side of the battery). This is your 12AM.

Place the hour hand through the the shaft/screw (on the front side of the Center Dial) and align the hand to the 12AM mark identified in the previous step. Make sure the hour hand is firmly in place.

Place the minute hand at the very top of the shaft/screw and then spin/twist the entire hand clock-wise until it is tight. Put pressure on the Quartz Mechanism Dial (the dial you use to set the time at the back) as you spin to ensure the minute hand is tight on the shaft. Once it is tight, the hour hand and the back dial should move as you spin the minute hand.

Make sure both hands are parallel to each other. If they are not parallel, try removing the hands and then repeating the steps above.

Test the hands to make sure you can set the time properly. Once it is tested, you can insert a AA battery and place the cap back.

Part 2: Assemble the Frame

Step 1: Thread the Left (small), Bottom (large), and Right (small) cylinders using the fibre glass pipe.

For this step you will need:

  • Left Cylinder (round edges)
  • Right Cylinder (round edges)
  • Bottom Cylinder
  • Fibre Glass Pipe

First, thread the bottom (large) piece using the pipe through the side hole.

Second, thread the Left and Right Cylinders to the left and right side of the pipe.

Pay attention to the position of the wooden hole and golden marker as shown below. This is important to align with the Top Cylinder for the next step.

Step 2: Make the pipe into a circle and connect it through the Top Cylinder

For this step you will need:

  • Top Cylinder

As per the previous step, flip the Top Cylinder around until the golden marker and the wooden hole is aligned to the same side as the bottom cylinder (see Gif below for reference). Connect both ends of the pipe to the Top Cylinder side holes to make a circle. Make sure the golden half of the Top Cylinder is pointing outwards/to the ceiling.

Step 3: Thread the Golden Pipe through the Top and Bottom Cylinder, place Quartz Holder Cylinder in the middle.

For this step you will need:

  • Golden Pipe
  • Quartz Holder Cylinder
  • Tightening Tool
  • Measuring tape

First, thread the Golden Pipe through the Top Cylinder.

Before you connect it to the bottom cylinder, thread the Quartz Holder Cylinder as shown below. Once that is threaded, connect the golden pipe to the Bottom Cylinder.

Tighten the Bottom Cylinder and Top Cylinder using the Tightening Tool.

Measure the Golden Pipe using a measuring tape and place the Quartz Holder in the center.

Lastly, tighten the Quartz Holder Cylinder in place using the Tightening tool. Make sure that the hole is facing outwards (pointing towards the ceiling).

Step 4: Attach the Wooden Dial Holder

For this step you will need:

  • Stub nail
  • Wooden Dial Holder
  • Screwdriver

First, take the Stub Nail and Wooden Dial Holder and place it on top of the Quartz Cylinder Holder from the last step.

Second, make sure the magnets on either side of the Wooden Dial Holder is aligned with the Golden Pipe. Then, screw the Stub Nail into the Quartz Cylinder Holder. 


Step 5: Attach the Short Golden Pipes to the Left and Right Cylinder

For this step you will need:

  • Short Golden Pipes

Screw in the Short Golden Pipes to the Left and Right Cylinder that is attached to the clock from Step 1 (but not too tightly!)


Part 3: Hang Your Clock!

You're almost done! Just a couple of more steps to go.

Step 1: Connect the Long Hanger Cylinder with the Long Screw

For this step you will need:

  • Long Hanger Cylinder
  • Long Screw
  • Tightening Tool

Screw the Long Screw into the hole of the Long Hanger Cylinder.

Step 2: Place the Long Screw into the hole in your wall

Place the end of the long screw into the hole in your wall. Make sure the side holes of the Long Hanger Cylinder is facing up and down to the ground and ceiling.

Step 3: Attach the Golden Pipe

Insert the Golden Pipe from the clock into the Long Hanger Cylinder from the bottom. Tighten the clock using the Tightening Tool

Final Step: Finish up!

Connect the magnets from the Center Dial with the magnets in the Wooden Dial Holder

Position the Left and Right Cylinders accordingly and tighten the Short Golden Pipes.

Adjust the time..

And you're done! If you have any questions regarding these steps, please email us at